Christina facilitates and provides guidance for individuals who wish to be in a group setting. Group work often provides valuable personal introspection while connecting with others. Groups often include guided meditations such as relational awareness, loving-kindness meditation and body scans to provide reflection and relaxation. Groups can be organized by Christina or by an individual who may want to focus on a certain topic with friends. If you would like to create a focus group please contact Christina for suggestions. Topics for adults or teens in a group setting may include:

  • Parenting Adolescents - Nurturing relationships while providing guidance
  • ABC's of Mindfulness - Attention, Balance, Compassion
  • Women's Issues - Self-Care, family-life, mid-life transitions
  • Teen Life & Wisdom Talks - Teen Topics and making critical choices

Group classes are 90 minutes and scheduled once per week in a series of six sessions. Each package of six sessions can be extended as needed. Christina can provide on-going individual support on a sliding scale for individuals who have completed a six-week group class. 

Scheduling & Fees

Series of 6 classes for 90 minutes each are $300

Each group may have 4-8 participants

Classes are held evenings or weekends


​Sliding Scale Fees Available 


BALANCE & WELLNESS THROUGH mindfulness based family life skills  

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